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mathisworks illustration

Stock Isometric People

People are often listed as among the hardest subjects to draw. Why not use these for your project instead? Mathisworks people are detailed, diverse, and consistent.

Royalty-free files include high-quality JPEGs, as well as vector EPS files that can be exported to SVG or PDF. Use as icons, avatars, or figures for infographics, publications, print, or web, or simply plug them into the isometric world you're creating.

Gym workout people illustration

Gym workout people

A consistent series of men and women work out using health club equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes, weights, indoor sports, jumprope, and swimming.

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Technology users illustration

Technology users

People use a variety of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other computer devices including a smart watch and smart glasses. Men and women are dressed for a variety of professions including business, healthcare, construction and the trades. Others are dressed casually.

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Business people illustration

Business people

Workers stand, sit and walk while dressed in suits and office- appropriate attire. One man extends his arm as though he is presenting. A woman and man shake hands. A few others interact with their smart phones.

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People at work illustration

People at work

People wear uniforms or are dressed for work, including: barista; firefighter; scientist; astronaut; lab technician; construction workers; delivery man; dentist; business man; doctors; business women; a nurse; mechanic; police officer; soldier; pilot; surgeon; chef; office worker; sanitation worker; and a postal carrier.

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Consumers illustration


People are seen shopping and include: a woman with a shopping cart; a man at an ATM, a woman with a laptop shopping online, and a diverse variety of people holding shopping bags or who have unique shopping needs.

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Doctors and patients illustration

Doctors and patients

Your image includes a caretaker with a man in a wheelchair; lab technicians; a mother with her small children; a man wearing scrubs; a man with a cast and crutches; a pregnant woman; a newborn baby; men and women in lab coats; a senior man with an oxygen tank; surgeons; patients in hospital gowns; business people; an elderly woman holding prescription medication; a man in a wheelchair with a nurse taking his blood pressure; and a senior woman with a walker.

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Young people illustration

Young people

This detailed set of 24 icons is illustrated in a flat vector style. A diverse set of young people dresses casually.

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Isometric People Sitting

Isometric People Sitting

A variety of 27 isometric seated people are included in this icon set, with some of them in a variety of chairs.

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Every day people illustration

Every day people

Ordinary people are included in this set, typically seen in a casual neighborhood setting or street scene. A man walks his dog; a policeman stands watch; a man walks with crutches; a woman walks with a baby in a stroller/pram. Other people are dressed casually, young and old, representing diverse ethnicities.

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Sports and fitness people illustration

Sports and fitness people

Icons represent the following activities: cycling; yoga; weight training; volleyball; table tennis; football (American); cricket; general fitness (a woman on a bathroom scale); golf; inline skating; core exercises; basketball; football (soccer); spa/sauna treatments; running; hockey; baseball; walking, and tennis.

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Seniors illustration


Older citizens interact with family, receive medical care, and go about their lives. Icons include a total of 32 people, along with oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, a walker, various technology devices, and other details.

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Families illustration


Various families, couples and groups of people can be seen together. Included are parents, children, couples, and grandparents, with straight, gay, and interracial families represented.

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Students illustration


Students range in age from very young preschoolers, through elementary, high school and college/university. Athletes, lab students, and graduating students are represented.

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People on the go illustration

People on the go

People on the go are seen using a variety of vehicles and other ways of getting around. There is a pedicab, scooter, inline skater, motorcycle, segway, bicycles, 4x4, convertible, tricycle, wheelchair, motor scooter, joggers, and a skateboarder.

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Roles of one woman illustration

Roles of one woman

Multiple views of the same woman show her in 21 different roles. She is seen working, shopping, relaxing, driving, exercising, eating, sleeping, interacting with media/technology, and more.

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Line sheet women's clothing

Line sheet women's clothing

A series of 24 views of a brown haired woman, front and back, showing her in as many outfits. Seasonal, business, recreational, and casual clothing are all represented.

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Line sheet men's clothing

Line sheet men's clothing

A series of 20 views of a man, front and back, showing him wearing a variety of clothing. Underwear, swimwear, casual summer, workout gear, business fashion, and winter wardrobe are offered.

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Virtual reality illustration

Virtual reality people

A variety of men, women and children wear virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses.

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Millennials illustration


A group of young adults in their 20s and 30s can be seen using technology devices, while wearing casual clothing.

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Law people illustration

People of the legal system

Criminals, prisoners, police officers, judges, and lawyers are illustrated in this isometric vector collection of people.

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Persons with disabilities illustration

Persons with disabilities

People in this illustration use wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, medical equipment, and one seeing eye dog. One woman uses sign language, and canes and crutches can also be seen in use.

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