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Mathisworks illustrations are clean, detailed, and available for royalty-free download from iStock and Getty Images. My vector images tend to illustrate concepts related to business, healthcare, and technology. I also love doing vehicles and architecture, and take pride in my little people.

Demonstration of isometric people illustrations show a firefighter, mother with kids, man walking, a woman on a scale, a woman shopping, and a man looking at a tablet. The same group of people is showin in full color on a tan background, as well as in outline format on a white background.

With more than ten thousand downloads, it's hard to know exactly who has used my work. I've spotted one printed in HOW magazine, another one on the website of Harvard University, and even one on television while watching ABC News. Then there was the time I went to visit the Yahoo campus in Silicon Valley, only to discover my work featured on a poster that had been plastered all over the place.

I hope you find something here that helps you communicate your message, or helps your business, or pleases your client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you draw something custom for me?

I've done a great deal of custom illustration in the past, but am not currently in the custom illustration market.* This is due to a number of factors, related to work and family. But mostly, it's because I can generate more illustrations and reach a broader audience by focusing on royalty-free stock imagery.

*At some point this may change. I'm just not sure when.

OK, no custom work. But can I ask you to add certain illustrations to the Mathisworks collection?

Ah, that's a little bit different from a custom contract.

If you would like to see something added to the collection, and we both agree that there would be a large enough group of people who would find the illustration useful, then sure.

Note: I may humbly ask for your patience regarding a completion date, since illustration is strictly a weekend gig for me these days. I would also need to reserve the right to maintain creative control over the image, perhaps adding or changing the request slightly in order to suit a broader market. You would then purchase the image license over iStock or Getty.

After I download your illustrations, what am I legally allowed to do with them?

You are wise to ask this question. Royalty-free licenses cover the vast majority of uses, but there are some bigger projects that require extended licenses.

If you download from iStock, here's a link to the license agreement: http://www.istockphoto.com/license.php

And here is a link to the license agreements from Getty: http://www.gettyimages.com/corporate/

What about file formats?

Your iStock download will include a zip file that contains a high-quality JPEG and an EPS file*.

The EPS is recommended for most printed work, since the vector shapes in this file give you clean, crisp edges up to very large sizes. Also, you can convert my EPS files to SVG format because they don't use complex gradients or effects.

*iStock required EPS8 files until around 2013, when I started uploading EPS10 files.

I would like to use your work but I'm on a budget. What are my options?

I have an exclusive contract to distribute my work via Getty Images/iStock. Most of my images are available on both of these sites, and you'll be able to see your pricing options pretty clearly. I'm unfortunately not able to sell you the work directly and I have no control over my illustrations' prices.

A detailed overhead view of an isometric city is shown illustrated here.

A little about me

By the way, my name is Mike Mathis, and drawing these pictures is my weekend passion. Feel free to connect with me via the social channels below, or by connecting professionally on LinkedIn.

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